Spring 2022

P67: Internationel Summer School on Product Architecture Design

For the 6th time, PAD 2022 brings together international young researchers and postgraduate students who are currently conducting research in methodological product development with a focus on product architectures and modularity. The week is filled with practical workshops to apply parts of completed development methods. The interactive format guides you through the sessions and provides space for discussions and exchange.

Fall 2022

P31: International Summer School on Industrial Agents – Introductory/Advanced #04

We are happy to announce and invite you to the 8th International Summer School on Industrial Agents: Autonomous Control in logistics, production and energy applications, organized by the Helmut Schmidt University, Institute for Automation Technology in Hamburg. The summer school will take place from 11th to 15th July 2022. The International Summer School on Industrial Agents brings together leading researchers and PhD students in the field of agent technology. As a PhD student you will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops, get to know like-minded people from an international community and build valuable relationships in your research field.

6 credits

P31: International Summer School on Industrial Agents – Introductory/Advanced #04

P64: Product Platforms #02

In the course, product platforms are studied from both theoretical and practical perspectives. This includes fundamental concepts together with current research and industrial practise in the area. Different support for planning, developing and analysing product platform design are introduced and practised. The impact on business processes of different platform strategies are discussed as well as their use in different sectors and applications.

7.5 credits

P64: Product Platforms #02

Spring 2023

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